Monday, July 03, 2006

Back To Work!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Proposal "OVER"-Draft

Important notes to take note!!!!!

  • Generator Unit Commitment
  • Load Shedding
  • Corrective measures
  • Compensators - shunt & series compensators or combined
  • Pre & Post Contingencies
  • Thermal limitations
  • FACTS device - voltage control
  • Write basic manual on MATLAB

Overall Operation Summary

Given load demand from forecast assumed to be given. Then estimate active-power of generators schedule?? (Or is schedule given??)
Form Y-bus matrix and nodal voltages.

Use Newton-Raphson Method.
Form Jacobian matrix.
Calculate nodal currents using I = YV
Form residuals for all nodes & assemble vector of residuals f(x)
Check whether residual values exceed tolerance pre-set
If it does exceed, enter Jacobian matrix element values to give J(x)
Solve for real and imaginary parts of nodal voltages in vector x using equation 2.59 (from “Computer Applications in Power”) from the solution vector x form the vector of complex nodal voltages V.
Iterate process until all residual values do not exceed pre-set tolerance.
Upon convergence, NR method will determine the nodal voltages in terms of x vector.
Active and reactive power flows can be evaluated directly from nodal voltages and branch parameters using the network branch equivalent circuit.

OPF with security constraints
Specify equality and inequality constraints.
Take into account network system losses.

Minimisation procedure

Assemble vector u, the active-powers of generators excluding that of the generation at the slack node.’
Assemble nodal voltage vector, x
Form composite vector y from u and x. Form f(y).
Mismatch in power at network nodes
Form residual vector g(y)=0 (this is the equality constraint)
Minimise objective function f(y) subject to g(y)Obtain Jacobian matrix of g(y) with respect to y
Obtain necessary conditions for a minimum
Use NR method to solve for these conditions.
Taking into account constraints, we solve for y.

  • Produce timeline
  • Propose different security constraints
  • Review overall procedure of OPF

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Met Prof. Tam

  • Met with Tam to discuss about proposal.
  • Found out more about security constraints and contingencies
  • Drafted intro of proposal
  • Read up on Wholesale energy market and deregulation

Sites visted____________________________

Articles from__________________________


Values of Economic Dispatch


Gov of WA - Office of Energy

Title: WEM Design Summary


Travelling is my passion as it opens new vistas permitting a vast array of experiences and occasions to think out of the box

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Drafting of proposal

Began drafting of proposal.
Consulted Liem on the types of contingencies and constraints.
Brainstorm on proposal.
Did researching on the net about power deregulation and opitmal power flow.



Submit proposal


Run simulations and gather results


Run more sims

Compile results


1st Draft of thesis


2nd Draft of thesis


Compilation of thesis for submission